Sarah C., Anchorage, Alaska April, 2015


I have tried the traditional methods of therapy and medication and it never seemed to help. Therapy didn’t solve the underlying issues. It felt more like a Band-Aid that wasn’t sticking and the wound was never healing. I was in a very dark place and nothing was helping.

A friend of mine told me about White Raven Center and how much they had helped them. I was willing to try anything because nothing else had worked before. My friend told me White Raven is not like anywhere else they had ever been.

I have attended a few sessions now and I can honestly say I feel different. The darkness is turning into light. I am a long way from being where I want to be but now I feel that I am starting off in the right direction. It is hard to express the feeling I have after my sessions; the only way to put it is I feel lighter. I feel I am starting to heal and I am very thankful for that.

My friend was right…. This place is not like everywhere else. It’s not the typical lay on the couch and tell them your problems. This is a spiritual way of healing; when you put in the work you will feel the transformation.

For me, I’m learning how to redefine the way I feel about myself, learning how to cope, and how to love myself for who I am.

They welcome everyone with open arms. White Raven truly is a place of healing the mind, the body and the soul.

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