Our Team


Dr. Marianne Rolland PhD, LMSW

Marianne (an honorary member of the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe, Raven Clan, Moon House) holds advanced degrees from the University of Washington School of Social Work and is a long-time student of traditional healing practices and ceremonies. She lived and worked in rural Alaska for 24 years, starting and administering numerous community-based programs.

It was there that the seeds of what would eventually become Rapid Transformation Therapy were planted. Marianne has worked rigorously for years to discover and refine a treatment methodology that would be effective in assisting individuals and families who have suffered severe and repeated trauma. This, and her passion for helping to improve the quality of life for Native Alaskans, inspired the development of RTT and the White Raven Center.

Marianne is a former faculty member with the University of Alaska Anchorage School of Social Work and has traveled, lectured and taught internationally. She is the author of Rapid Transformation Therapy: A Guided Process for Healing Trauma and Awakening the Light Within, and has published numerous articles about health and healing in Native American communities.


Floyd H. Guthrie, (Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian) MRTT, BA

Floyd is a graduate of the University of Washington, a Vietnam veteran and a leader and role model in the Alaska Native sobriety movement. His exceptional work with children, youth and families has earned him a superior reputation as a gifted therapist and a past appointment to the Governor’s Children’s Cabinet.

Floyd is also a traditional artist, singer and dancer who lives by the spiritual teachings of his Tsimshian, Tlingit and Haida ancestors. His most recent service includes working as a traditional teacher of culture at a local alternative home/school for young people and as a spiritual guide and facilitator of healing for the White Raven Center.

With more than 30 years of experience in the health care field and an exceptional ability to intuit and guide healing sessions, Floyd has proven himself to be one the most advanced therapeutic practitioners in Alaska, perhaps the nation, for treating trauma. Floyd has studied Native American, Western and Eastern treatment modalities and blends all three to meet the needs of his clientele.


Rebecca Morino, MRTT, BSW

Rebecca considers it a great privilege to have served children and families in different capacities for more than fifteen years. After receiving her Bachelors of Social Work, her work in the child protection system brought her face to face with many who look at life through a veil of past hurts and traumas. She recognized the same was true for herself and most every human, an understanding that has been central to her work at the White Raven Center.

Rebecca first experienced the profound and transformational healing effects of the Rapid Transformation therapeutic process in 2007. It was a watershed moment — she had found a way to heal, and she chose to make helping others on their own healing journey the focus of her time and energy. Trusting the guidance of spirit, drawing on intuition, experience, professional training and various energy medicine practices including Reiki, Rebecca gently guides clients through their RTT process, sharing the awareness that every human being can heal on a deep, core level. Rebecca especially enjoys inviting and encouraging clients to trust their inner guidance and wisdom as they discover their personal truth, worth and passion. After several years as a part-time facilitator, Rebecca joined the White Raven Center team on a full-time basis in August 2014.


Belinda Eaton, MRTT, BS, b.Msc

Belinda has a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education from Wayland Baptist University, Bachelor of Metaphysical Science from University of Sedona,is an  Ordained Metaphysical Minister and she has a Master Level Certification for Rapid Transformation Therapy through the White Raven Center. Belinda is currently working on her master’s thesis that focuses on “How horses bring us to consciousness.”

Belinda’s journey with White Raven Center started in 2005 and became a lifestyle and ongoing journey that continues today. As so many of the people that walk through the front doors of White Raven Center, “I was depressed, angry, self-judging, hating others and myself. My world was a very dark place and incredibly stressful. My first workshop was a pivotal turning point in my healing journey. I found something that I had never experienced in life until that moment. This new feeling was hope! I felt that there was a way to heal those parts of me that were in great need.”

Belinda’s progression from client to facilitator was her way of being able to share this process with others who want to heal and to share in this feeling of HOPE! Belinda’s desire is “to show others that RTT is a pathway to finding peace, love, forgiveness, self-love and abundance.” She has been tireless in encouraging others to trust their inner guidance and wisdom and deeply values guiding others to open their hearts, allowing eternal love in their daily lives “to finally stop surviving and to start living.”


Stormy Hunt, MRTT, B.Msc

Stormy Hunt is an accomplished Masters’ Level RTT Practitioner at White Raven Center in Anchorage Alaska. She also holds a Bachelors in Metaphysical Science, and Certified Chemical Dependency Counseling.

As a young woman and mother, Stormy learned firsthand how low self-esteem can wreak havoc on a soul. She has a tender heart for the women facing the challenges of low self-esteem.

Her journey to personal healing began in the dance studio where she learned how to listen to guidance from within as she was led by the music and movement. She attributes her dance training to establishing the roots that brought her to RTT.

As she became more deeply committed to her healing it became evident how her past traumas directly affected her adult life in profound ways. This revelation further fueled her passion for becoming a facilitator of this work. Stormy expresses that witnessing others as they experience recovery and connection to their feelings makes her heart soar. She has learned that she is enough and now lives her life without fear and loves to guide others seeking similarly.


jo-lee pavageau, MRTT

jo-lee pavageau was awarded her Master’s certification in Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) in 2020 based on her demonstration of skill as a facilitator at White Raven Center in Anchorage, Alaska. jo – lee began working in the human services field in 2000. While working as a law office assistant on Child in Need of Aid cases her interest in helping children who had experienced trauma was awakened. Later, she became a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteer advocating for children in the legal system.

As a member of the CASA team jo-lee became increasingly aware that symptoms of her early childhood trauma were being activated by the cases she was working on. Thus, in 2011 she began her own inner work at the White Raven Center. For three intense years she focused primarily on healing herself utilizing the RTT methodology. Her inner work resulted in an outward draw to assist others and in 2017 began “holding space” and facilitating sessions as part of the WRC therapeutic support team.

jo-lee’s experiences and survival of complex, early childhood trauma, including spending several years in the foster care system, have given her an understanding of the process of inner healing.

With the RTT method, jo-lee was able to heal and reconcile her traumatic past and “opened to” spiritual gifts. She has a strong commitment to hold space and guide other along their healing journey.

jo-lee shares that she is, “so grateful to be a part of raising the vibration of the planet”. She strongly believes that through her experiences and facilitation practices she has created a stronger bond with mother earth. She credits RTT work “literally” as having saved her life, and that she is now, “fully present, grounded and truly in love with” herself, “no longer seeking outside of” herself for fulfillment. “Finally, to be at peace.”

Favorite saying “I Am A Light Being Having A Human Experience”.


Robert Carriker, BRTT

Robert is a dedicated healing practitioner who has earned a bachelor’s level certificate in RTT and is working toward his master’s certification with White Raven Center in Anchorage Alaska. Robert has demonstrated his ability as a clear emotional and mental health support guide, counselor and facilitator who is trained in the arts of Somatic therapy and who is committed to continue his own healing journey.

Robert’s journey with White Raven Center started in 2021, and after his first workshop, he instantly knew that he was called to be a part of the White Raven team. Robert’s history of trauma led him into a life of extreme depression, suicidal thoughts and unbearable rage. It was this destructive pattern that caused Robert to spiral down a road of alcoholism and drug abuse, ultimately teaching him the lessons of how we can heal and overcome even our worst obstacles.

It just so happened that it was through the power of music that Robert’s healing journey truly started to take shape. As a gifted singer-songwriter and musician of over 25 years Robert began creating a language of uplifting music that focuses on combining the vibration of sound with a message of healing through the open-heart space of love and forgiveness.

From within the powerful lessons that he has learned throughout his own life experiences and the wisdom acquired from his transformational work at The White Raven Center, Robert has become a strong support and guide for those who are seeking healing in their own lives. His commitment to helping others is unwavering and heart-centered.