Traveling Services

A team of providers and/or facilitators are available to travel upon request. We have worked in remote villages and out of state communities, providing services that range from individual, group and family sessions to three- or four-day workshops with up to one week of follow-up services. A local host in the community is required to sponsor guest traveling services.

Participants who have experienced traveling services report some of the following:

  • Increased awareness and knowledge of how trauma and intergenerational trauma impact current, interpersonal relationships.
  • Learning a new language to express personal, family and community dynamics
  • An increased ability to help others
  • Becoming part of a strengthened community network
  • Exposure to new therapeutic tools and techniques
  • Diminished feelings of isolation
  • Feeling more connected to themselves and to their family, community and support network

If you feel called to participate in RTT Traveling Services, please click the "GET STARTED" button below and answer a few questions.

Someone from our team will contact you in 3-5 business days. We look forward to hearing from you.