Natalia, Anchorage, Alaska April, 2015


I can’t begin to describe the profound and powerful impact the therapy sessions have had in my life within a very short period of time. Truthfully, I was not at all interested in any type of therapy as I thought it would be comparable to previous counseling sessions with an agency that squeezed me into their busy schedule for one hour per week. Little did I know that the techniques used at White Raven were exactly what I needed to draw out the anger, sadness, shame, guilt, fear and confusion from the traumatic experiences from my past. To give you an honest perspective, the four sessions I’ve had with them are comparable to one year of ‘talk therapy’ at another agency. White Raven really does work. I feel that I have finally found the root of my 20-year problem with alcohol addiction. The manifestation of the therapy at White Raven is that my friends and family stated that they have seen a dramatic change in me that they have never seen before. Finally, I can breathe a sigh of relief. I thought that this was impossible.

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