My sincere hope is that the healing methodology presented here will be used as a gift to discover your own inner peace and balance, and to assist others if you are in a helping profession” –Dr. Marianne Rolland

“Rapid Transformation Therapy: A Guided Process for Healing Trauma and Awakening the Light Within” by Marianne Rolland, a doctor of Social Welfare and innovator of Rapid Transformation Therapy.

In the book, Dr. Rolland explains the evolution of RTT, how anyone can practice it, and how this methodology differs from other “alternative” healing therapies. In particular, RTT brings closure and empowers the client to be the true driving and guiding force behind their own healing.

  • Based on my own experiences and those of a number of my patients, I have seen the resultant ability to access, bring forth and engage fundamental issues related to trauma, enabling impressively consistent transformation. The team of professionals at White Raven Center, led by Dr. Marianne Rolland, clearly have the whole package when it comes to treating trauma.

    – Dr. Richard A. Newman Developer of the H.E.A.R.T. system of holistic chiropractic care
  • A delightful display of spirit and soul restored to meaningful categories of experience. A recognition that mind and its thoughts exercise tyrannical and often abusive control over the true center of the human personality, the soul enthroned in the heart. There is so much truth and goodness in this volume. May it be a blessing to all who read it!”

    Father Michael Oleksa, ThD, Author of Another Culture/Another World
  • “Rapid Transformation Therapy calls us to be present in our bodies now and to address our suffering in a powerful way. The moment I began this work, I knew that I would live.”

    Crystal Rose Porter (Gux Xex Kaag Waan Taan) daughter of Walter Porter of the Raven Clan, Moon House, Yakutat Tlingit Tribe

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A Note From Dr. Rolland

We have found that RTT can often facilitate dramatic and quantum healing in a very short period of time. While not a “quick fix”—RTT is a method of deep emotional processing that requires commitment—it has helped many people accelerate the release of immense emotional pain in a way that traditional talk therapy rarely provides. Although deep emotional processes are the cornerstone of Rapid Transformation Therapy, the methodology requires us to also shift our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. These are all powerful elements in being able to maintain the relief that you experience in your RTT sessions.

In my book you will read about how RTT works, including the stories of a number of our clients who credit the process for quite literally saving their lives. These people include veterans with clinically diagnosed PTSD, men and women who have experienced violence and sexual abuse, people who were victims of tremendous neglect as children, those who have struggled with all sorts of addictions from drugs and alcohol to pornography, people who have gone through horrendous loss, and individuals who have felt unseen, unloved, angry, afraid, or hurt at some point in their lives. I welcome you to download the first chapter and explore how RTT may help you in your healing journey.