Couples & Family Sessions

During a couples or family session, White Raven Center staff provide a safe, moderated space where loved ones and family members can express their truth to each other. Each person is encouraged to speak full truth and to listen and reflect back what they hear other family members express. All participants are encouraged to allow for the expression of emotions and feeling without blaming others, and to take full responsibility for their own experience.

The goal of couples and family sessions is always to facilitate inner peace among the participants and to contribute to peace in the family. Family sessions typically last an hour and a half to three hours, and include exercises and tools that can be used outside the session to continue facilitating healthy communication.

Couples and families who have experienced RTT sessions report some of the following:

  • Acquiring useful new communication tools
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of each other’s experience in life
  • Learning and practicing how to speak from the heart
  • Learning how to take action by choice, escaping the place of reactivity
  • Establishing new guidelines for the family
  • An increased awareness of family roles
  • Learning what healthy relationships look like (creativity, spontaneity, flexibility)

If you feel called to participate in a RTT couples or family session, please click the "GET STARTED" button below and answer a few questions.

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