Rebecca Prieto, Anchorage, Alaska October, 2007


Soon after the loss of my brother, I sought standard therapy, only to find that this technique had a temporary effect and merely suppressed my emotions. I awoke one day, a couple of years ago, and realized I was living in a situation that drained me of my personal strength. Confused and embarrassed as to how I arrived at this place of chaos and nonsense, I met with Marianne and Floyd. This particular, unsettling situation I found myself in required an intervention more challenging to my spirit than talk therapy, in order for me to achieve the wholeness I desired.

Trusting myself and the White Raven Center, I embarked on a journey of healing. Courage, commitment, along with a lot of “work,” (it is work to feel and acknowledge pain and sadness, it is work to witness and facilitate healing as Marianne and Floyd do) have allowed me to return to a familiar place of existing, a place where personal strength is with me through family, school and work responsibilities. I believe a long time ago we all had the freedom to feel, to express, we had the gift of communicating effectively to each other when good and wrong were done, and we knew how to acknowledge pain and sadness, emotions of all kinds. The White Raven Center is a safe place to become deeply reacquainted with self and others. My greatest lesson gained experiencing healing work with the White Raven Center is this: Stay in your truth, it is always near, and the most familiar place you come from.

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