Laura Monfore, Anchorage, Alaska September, 2005


I was ‘led’ to the healing offered by the White Raven Center, being told by multiple trusted healers that I had a lot of anger (unknown to me) holding me back. I am against physical displays of anger and aggression and have always been (as a soldier, I saw myself as a servant of the people, not a warrior). One three day intensive with the White Raven team and their methods of healing (which I found quite surprising) opened up parts of my mind-body I was completely unaware of. The team members have an amazing ability to ‘know’ the deeper issues and traumas and seem guided to address those issues in the ways most appropriate at that time. I left that weekend exhausted but much more relaxed, and with a noticably lighter mood and overall body lightness. And this was remarked on by teenage my daughter.

I personally appreciate the Core Emotional Healing methodology because it *got to the issues within minutes and started to address them immediately VS months/years of ‘psythotherapy and drugs’, *the team members made it clear that they are ‘one of us’, they each have much the same issues and feelings and continually undergo the same ‘treatment’ and *I was allowed to and welcomed to be a part of a team that supported others in their healing.

Addressing issues, whether known or unknown, with people that are trustworthy and truly addressing them quickly so one can ‘get back to living’ more fully and joyfully is what Core Emotional Healing accomplishes. The team members of White Raven Center are exceptional and compassionate. It is an honor to be a part of this heaing.

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