Kyle James, Anchorage, Alaska January, 2015


I have always been one to fully know and believe that we have a tendency to carry energy we need and energy we don’t need. My father has always said “why let someone rent space in your brain for free?”.

As simple as my father’s words of wisdom have always been there are times in our lives when we may need help moving this energy. I have never been one to want to go to therapy or sit and talk to anyone about my past or present. As far as I have always been concerned I live with the idea that life and shitty things happen to everyone. We can choose to move on from these things or let them consume our lives.

It wasn’t until Marianne came into my life that I even thought that maybe I may need help. I’m a strong independent girl, I grew up on Alaska for heaven’s sake. Asking for help really isn’t my thing. However, there are times in our life that asking for help makes you a much stronger person.

So I did it! I made an appointment with Marianne at the White Raven Center. I have known Marianne for over two years and yet I was still nervous about this meeting. I felt silly being nervous but I also believe in the work she does.

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