July, 2005 Victoria Moran


Looking back on the last nine months of my life, I see the metamorphosis that has taken place within. Where exactly? In my heart, in my core. Alone, scared and empty with illusions shattered of what love is and what a love mate should be, I left a relationship that was not to serve my higher self and returned to Mother Alaska on a three week journey from California.

Scattered, lost, and heartbroken, I came to the White Raven Center two months later on my twenty fifth birthday and in a lot of ways it felt like I had come home. In retrospect, I realize it was because I had. As soon as opening prayer began for the weekend workshop, I immediately went into process, crying uncontrollably. I was led to a mat and a blindfold was put on my eyes and I began to breathe deeply focusing on the breath. Immediately, the uncontrollable crying turned into screaming and my body tensed up. I released emotions that had been with me since I was five years old whereby I retrieved and reintegrated my five year old self by breathing her into my body. Opening my eyes and looking at my healers, I felt lighter, stronger, happier, and more fulfilled than I had ever felt in my life. I cried, this time tears of joy, awe and gratitude. I knew I had come upon healing that was real.

Since then, I have participated in more workshops as well as individual sessions. With each part of myself that becomes healed, I let go of behaviors that have been harmful to me such as patterns of self sabotage, addiction, judgment, and self hate. I have learned to forgive, to allow myself to be loved and to love with an open heart. I realize the healing process is continuous because we are always experiencing life and are presented with opportunities to heal each time we are triggered. It is those times that I have become more conscious of how I react and handle such life experiences such as to allow myself to heal.

Quantum leaps have been achieved in my healing journey by participating in this kind of healing method. Never before have I felt so accepting of myself and so in love with life than I do at this time. I give thanks and much gratitude to Marianne and Floyd for allowing such healing work to exist in Alaska, as well as to the facilitators who continue to inspire me to love and spread the light through healing the inner self.

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