Emily Payton, Putney, Vermont January, 2009


I came to Marianne’s and Floyd’s home without expecting the kind of healing that took place for me there. As a guest I learned of their work, and knew instantly that I would benefit from it given my history. They offered a private session.

Marianne and Floyd have given me new breathing room in my psyche, new space to explore who I really am. They lifted a dark shadow that had long lived in my psyche, a shadow that was cast by a parent that violated me as a mere child.  During the healing session by their guidance, I was able to confront my violator successfully in the emotive state of the age that I was violated. Floyd gave me strength and Marianne gave me comfort meanwhile.

Her guilt had been a burden of shame within me nearly all my life, and one that I could not identify. I could not understand why I never found a white glowing place within that felt or gave love.  I was aware of my inability, but not of its source and cause. During the healing session answers I had long sought became apparent, and a new freedom from the torment of shame happened.

I am thankful for their work and healing efforts, before meeting them I always felt haunted, and many therapists were not able to touch upon the deep emotional pain with their ?sit on the couch and talk about it? approach.   Marianne and Floyd actually dealt with my abuse in context of the young age I was when it occurred. They successfully supported me to approach the experience from a place of refusal to be victimized with a victorious outcome. Further, they guided me to eject that portion of my psyche that had been engaged in a futile ongoing effort to heal the shame of the abusing party as a means to heal myself.

It saddens me that there are only Marianne and Floyd and so many, many people who could begin to experience their greater happiness were they to have the help of these two special healers.

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