Cass M., Anchorage, Alaska 2018


Codependency, avoidance and denial are just a few things that I have been challenged with for many, many years. Struggling with self worth and truth made life unbearable.

Seeking out help after many years of being stagnant in my healing led me to a traditional counselor. Unfortunately, almost two years later that ended abruptly without any closure. I was referred by my practitioner straightaway to White Raven Center. That unfortunate event of losing my counselor turned into one of the most fortunate events of my life by finding WRC.

The White Raven Center has become my healing place mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Allowing myself to slowly open up to this type of healing that is so powerful and transformative has turned my life of despair and hopelessness into a journey of growth and healing in just four short months. A journey that I could have only wished of traveling my entire life has turned into reality. Peace, love, hope and adventure are finally returning through all my work at the White Raven Center. It’s definitely not an easy journey because the work is hard but worth the time and tears that are put into healing.

The staff here at White Raven are phenomenal. Floyd, Marianne and Rebecca are such intriguing people. They open their hearts and souls to each individual that walks through that door regardless of how chaotic and messed up you’re feeling. There is no judgment and sacred space is instantly given for you to dive into the work that needs to be done. The team is so cohesive that you feel like you belong with this new group of support people immediately. They will guide you to places you’ve never explored in a gentle and loving way that is safe. They have a way of keeping you on task when you try to wander into a world of avoidance.

The workshops are awesome! Many of my fears and anxiety surface during the weekend retreats. The entire team that facilWorking with the inner child can bring on labels that are terrifying but at the WRC there aren’t any labels. You get to be yourself and never have to worry about being put into a “group” of people. The best gift you can give yourself is the opportunity to speak your truth while being witnessed in a nonjudgmental place.
itates these workshops do everything possible to ease those feelings that arise. Being able to speak my truth and allowing all the negative energy to be released feels wonderful. I still struggle with group participation and speaking but I get to sit and listen and learn. I gain so much knowledge every time I walk in and out those doors at the White Raven Center.

I’m learning to be okay with myself without needing approval from everyone around. I’m facing my truth and accepting it for what it is. I’m learning that I am the only one that can unlock the past and travel the road of healing through the guidance of those holding space.

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