Mike Cargill, Anchorage, Alaska October, 2011


After two sessions with the White Raven Center, my anger outbursts have stopped.  I feel better, look better, and am a better person.  The White Raven Center has done everything to ensure my privacy and have helped me to see and believe that I can become a better person.  I see it, my friends see it, and more importantly, my son sees it.  There has been such a change in my life; a positive one.

The White Raven Center staff has embraced me and I have always felt accepted and understood through all of my healing.  I never would have thought that with the right focus and love I could have achieved so much in such little time.

I thank you Marianne, Toby and Floyd, for all of your encouragement and for your dedication to helping me overcome all of the negativity I have held onto for so long.  I had not realized that all the ‘negativity’ had affected me into my older years.  I thought there was no hope.  I thought there was no way to release my inner strength in order to conquer my feelings and take control of my life.  Through all of the healing practices you have offered me, I now see the way back to my inner strength.  I have NEVER felt more welcome in anyone’s home as I do in yours.  Thank you for providing me with a hope and desire to be better and understand what has been holding me back from being the man I can be.

Incredible!  It is just amazing what the White Raven team has done for me.  I am grateful and accepting of the techniques used and for their genuine feelings of support for who I am, what I am, and more importantly who I will be.  I feel fortunate that someone is there to help me so tremendously!!!!  I feel much appreciation for everything that you have shown me.  Really, it feels so good to finally take control of me, all that is me, all that surrounds me.  You are all so loving and caring and genuine in your ability to help.  Thank you for helping me!!!!

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