Participatory Soul Retrieval with Soul Integration and Life Review by Dr. Marianne Rolland

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We recommend that you read ‘In Consideration of Emotions’, as well as several Testimonials prior to reading this, so you will have a greater understanding of feelings and the Core Emotional Process.

Participatory soul retrieval with soul integration and life review is not necessarily a concept to be understood as much as phenomena of the healing process to be experienced. That said, I will attempt to indulge our ego mind’s desire to put even the most multi-dimensional, non-linear and experiential aspects of the healing process into a box of intellectual understanding.

To ‘understand’ soul retrieval and soul integration one must first have some understanding of what happens when we are emotionally wounded. We are more than our ego mind. We are more than our feelings. We are more than our thoughts. Most of us have forgotten this. Fundamentally, life is about remembering that we are more than our opinions, likes, dislikes, desires, moral philosophies, religious philosophies, fears and judgments. All of these faces of our identity are actually illusory overlays like transparencies on an overhead projector used in a classroom. Like the information written on the transparencies our various identities are projections from within; ways in which we identify with and relate to the outside world, the world that we perceive to be separate from us. The fact is that we are complete and whole before we project and identify with anything outside ourselves. Projecting and attaching to these identities is evidence of the degree to which we have not fully embraced the truth of who we are. The more attached to any particular identity the more distant we actually are from what is real within us. We may say that ‘I am a teacher’ or ‘I am an engineer’ or ‘I am a pilot’ or ‘I am a congressman’ because those roles are available to us to define our potential and purpose. However if a pilot loses his sight and can no longer pilot a plane is he less than he was before he could pilot. The ego mind would say yes because it relies on identifying with the external world to determine value, worth and purpose. Spirit would say no, because what you truly are, what is real, indestructible and lasting transcends any label, description or boundary. The only true statement about identity is ‘I am I am.’ But we have forgotten this and most of us turn to the world around us to tell us what we are. To the extent that we are not grounded in and in full embrace with the truth that we are love we will create opportunities for ourselves to feel, see and then know deep within where we are divided against ourselves in fear.

In our belief system at the White Raven Center, each of our life paths has been chosen because it offers the perfect opportunities for awakening into full realization of self; of who we really are. In other words, you chose your mother. You chose your father. You chose all the many ways in which we subdivide and identify human beings, i.e., race, culture, class, nationality, gender, sexual orientation etc. Of course, very few if any of us have an awareness of this on a conscious level when we are young. Not being conscious of this choice we don’t take responsibility for the expectations that we may have within any one of these identities. For example, as a child we expect unconditional love and acceptance from our parents. We feel fully entitled to this and we are. But, we have no appreciation of our parents as individuals in their own process of learning with their own fears, traumas and wounds. We take all of their choices personally. Because of this, when we experience traumatic events or recurrent experiences of disappointment, frustration or judgment from others, we often feel like victims to circumstances beyond our control. We feel backed into a corner with no way out and the mental and emotional pressures can be overwhelming. When this happens the feeling parts of us; our sense of hope, innocence, courage, determination, faith, trust, playfulness and curiosity detach. These pieces of ourselves break off because they are the most vulnerable to the mental and emotional burden of circumstances beyond our control that fall outside of our perceptual box of expectations. Our soul fragments and vulnerable aspects of our psyche leave the body to escape toxic levels of fear in our body.

However, we are never free from the consequences of that soul fragmentation or from the feelings that we escaped. When we encounter people or situations that evoke powerful, uncontrollable emotional responses what we are experiencing is the reflection of those fragmented soul pieces, i.e., pieces of ourselves that have been abandoned and left spread across time. The feelings that come up when we encounter these reflections are the exact feelings that we were initially trying to escape when we detached and the soul fragmented. As uncomfortable, annoying and even horrifying as these feelings may be they are the guides to lead us back to those lost soul pieces. What at one time we escaped in order to survive becomes inescapable.

These reflections in our present reality are giving us the opportunity to fully feel and release the energy of the feelings that we avoided in order to survive. Once we release the energy of unresolved feelings we have cleansed our bodies of the toxicity of fear that prompted our initial escape. At this time the fragmented soul pieces return. Soul Retrieval is a magnificent experience that defies description. It is giving birth to yourself. It is welcoming yourself home and reintegrating qualities of hope, trust, innocence, playfulness or curiosity that may have been ‘lost’ at the time of fragmentation. It is truly one of the most beautiful and powerful experiences that a human being can have. Many speak of their experiences with soul retrieval in the Testimonials section.

Once Soul Retrieval has occurred and ‘lost’ pieces of ourselves have been reintegrated the client may experience what is known as Life Review. During life review the client experiences a deep knowing of the purpose behind the relationships and/or experiences that served as the reflections of fragmented soul pieces. At a very deep spiritual level we understand in our hearts why, for example we chose the mother that we chose, or the romantic partner that we chose, or the father that we chose. By taking responsibility for our suffering by allowing ourselves to fully feel our feelings instead of blaming them on somebody or something else, the purpose of our suffering is revealed to us. We realize that the suffering came when we stepped off the path that led to self-love and full self-acceptance. We see that he pain was a denial of self. The pain comes like it does to the child who closes his eyes, believes the world has disappeared and in his moment of darkness, upon feeling alone, afraid and forgotten, forgets how to open his eyes. We see that the pain, in fact, is full of the love forgotten, the love unseen and all we need to do is open our eyes and see our true selves. The Core Emotional Process is a very simple and powerful way to do just this. Once we remember to open our eyes, the world ceases to become a threatening land of need and deprivation where we all must compete with each other for attention, love and justification and becomes a gift that is received by being given.

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