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The energy of love is the most powerful healing ingredient that exists throughout our universe.  It is readily available, monetarily the least expensive, and distinctly the most reliable source of medicine that we have. Yet, surprisingly enough, the majority of the planet’s population continues to rely on other external methods for healing and conflict resolution. Even those of us who consider ourselves to be devoutly spiritual beings are challenged by our inability to let love energy perpetually flow through us, and to draw upon this love energy for solutions to our problems.

The amazing thing about love energy is that it lives inside each one of us. When we consciously choose to let it flow, only wonderful, desired and higher-good outcomes will occur—often seemingly by ‘magic’.  By tapping into love energy, we not only heal ourselves and our relationships; we also contribute significantly to the healing of our world.

Unfortunately, tapping into love energy is not always as easy as it may sound. In our modern society we have been unconsciously conditioned to block the flow of love through our hearts and inner beings. At some point in time, each one of us has put up a wall or shield around our heart. It may be a giant brick wall or a thin veil, yet nonetheless “our protection” requires us to expend energy to contain a force that naturally wants to flow. Flowing love energy is our natural state of being; a state which through no conscious intent of our own has been blocked.

Healing ourselves is really about reconnecting with the love that lives inside of us and releasing the natural flow of love energy.  This not only restores the body’s natural capacity to heal itself; it heals on all dimensions of experience, existence and relationship: individually, familial, community wide, globally, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially.

Tapping the energy of love also serves as a powerful guide for helping us in every aspect of our lives. A former co-worker used to ponder, “I wonder what love would do about it?” whenever faced with a challenging situation. I have always really liked that because it is so simple and yet profound.  Whenever we are faced with a difficulty, we might ask ourselves: What would love say or do about it? This can be a push because most of us have the tendency to want to figure things out cognitively using only our minds. When we take the added step of consulting our hearts (and we now know scientifically that our physical hearts do indeed have a ‘brain’), we discover instant access to solving problems that previously seemed insurmountable. When we access love energy, we open to the flow of possibility of All That Is. Thus we experience the unlimited creative thrust of the universe.

When we flow love energy we are vibrating at a higher frequency. But how do we tap into this flow?  First, we must acknowledge that for human beings experiencing life on the planet at this time, the flow of love energy is frequently blocked by another powerful force.  This other force—which is a condensed, lower vibrational energy form and also lives inside of us—is fear.

The energy of fear has many faces: anger, rage, jealousy, self-hate, judgment of self and others, resentment, guilt, shame, and other limited beliefs (I will never succeed; I can never do things right; I am a failure; I hate myself and everyone else, etc.). Concentrated, confined and constricted fear energy gets stuck in the body’s “spinning wheels” or chakra energy system and blocks the flow of love energy through the body and to the heart.  This leads to all forms of heart dis-ease and many other physical manifestations of illness.  And, this is why we struggle and feel blocked from the perpetual flow of love energy. Holding fear energy prolongs suffering, whereas moving fear energy restores the flow of love energy and activates a natural healing response in the body.

My partner, Floyd Guthrie, shares a piece of his life story about the form fear energy manifested as a result of repressed rage from early childhood: “I first became aware of the presence of a wolf back in the early nineties while living in Metlakatla, Alaska. I was continuously holding back my anger, which had built up since birth. I noticed as I was talking about my feelings that when I mentioned anger I would see this wolf about fifty feet away from me. I knew what he represented and I feared him. For he was the one I would become when anger consumed me. Ultimately, I knew if I allowed him to come completely in me that I would experience rage. So, I would concentrate until I felt some sort of composure. What I could not stop feeling was a tightness in my belly. The tightness in my belly was created during my childhood after age seven while living in Ketchikan.

“The community treated my people—the Tlingits, Haidas, and Tsimshian Indians—with contempt, outright hatred, and discrimination. As a child growing up and coming of age in such an environment, I learned to contain my energy through silence. My family reacted to this treatment with alcoholism, violence, hatred of others and intense fear. To survive, I learned to live within myself and hide my feelings. I stuffed and stuffed my feelings. When I was fourteen I was triggered so deeply by a friend that I nearly pushed his eyeballs out of their sockets. I cried so hard afterwards because the rage went out of control and I had become frightened of my own feelings. I learned to smile a lot to hide my true feelings. As an adult I accepted that I would always have a sense of unhappiness. One day the wolf appeared and I said to him, “Stay away; I know who you are and I hate you.”

In the late nineties, Floyd had the opportunity to work with a healing shaman and safely release the accumulated rage that had lived inside of him for so long. He shares, “I still see the wolf, but I no longer despise him. I acknowledge him and thank him for reminding me that there are two parts to me. One part is of the spirit. The other part lives and feels and breathes on this earth and has discovered that I really love myself.”

Floyd’s story portrays one example of how we can tap the healing power of love energy: first by acknowledging and then by safely releasing the fear energy that also lives inside.

I recently read a newspaper article about a 26-year-old man who returned to his childhood village home and lit it on fire. He reported that he had so many bad memories in that house that he had to burn it down to the ground.  The question that immediately popped into my mind was how many other house fires are a result of painful, tormented childhood memories that manifested in demonstrations of anger, rage and revenge.  How much of life’s suffering and torment is due to the stored fear energy that lives inside of us? When I asked Love what it had to say about this, the short answer I got was: “All of it!”

Blessed people of our Mother Earth, we need to understand: heavy stored emotional fear energy in the body blocks the flow of love energy and, therefore, blocks healing and our capacity to experience peace on the planet.  It also prolongs suffering for all. The Good of One is the Good of All; the Honor of One is the Honor of All; the Healing of One contributes to the Healing of ALL.

As we move into the long, dark, winter months, let us consciously remember to open to the love flow. As we access the love energy that lives inside each one of us, and demonstrate courage by acknowledging our fears and moving them in safe and healthy ways, we will enjoy and resonate with increased light in our experience of the season.  We will discover newly found inner warmth that radiates and heals beyond anything we have ever imagined.  We will also be helping all of humanity to remember and consciously access the most powerful medicine available to us all: Love Energy.
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Marianne Rolland has provided healing services to Alaskans for over 30 years. She is the founder of White Raven Center Inc. based in Anchorage with outreach services to village Alaska.

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